Conor McGregor: Notorious Review

When Conor McGregor: Notorious begins, we get a look at a Conor McGregor that we’re not used to seeing. He’s five years younger, missing his iconic gorilla tattoo on his chest, but most importantly, he’s a man without money. It’s in these early moments of the documentary that Notorious is at its best. What is especially remarkable is the level of access given to the camera crew for a fighter who, at this point in his career, was flying under the radar of the mainstream MMA world.

There are some great candid moments of Conor living with his girlfriend at his parents’ house in Dublin, watching tapes of his earliest fights, training at John Kavanagh’s gym while lamenting the fact that, despite housing a European welterweight champion, they can’t afford proper gear. As a big fan of McGregor, all of this is really interesting stuff that I wouldn’t have been able to see anywhere else.

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Wolfenstein 2’s New Patch Opens the Game’s Locked Vault

Wolfenstein 2’s latest patch will crack open the mysterious vault found on the game’s main menu, and in its between-mission hub area.

The patch notes for update 1.02 were revealed on the Bethesda website, detailing the new content coming to the game.

The timer has now been replaced by a tab called the ‘SAS Machine’ which allows players to take part in 10 new combat simulations, all having leaderboard functionality.

As long as players have reached Chapter 2 in the game’s main campaign, the option will be available on the main menu.

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Our Guide to the Best Nintendo Gifts This Holiday

Nintendo is back in a big way, and it looks like it’s ironed out the supply issues with the Nintendo Switch in preparation for the big holiday season. If you have a Nintendo lover in your life, we’re here to help. There’s a whole world of Nintendo to meet your gift-giving needs this holiday season.

Nintendo has been making consoles for decades, and aside from a few missteps, it’s really good at it. Want to give the hottest gift of all this holiday? It’s probably a Nintendo product.


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Xbox One X Is Out, So Sony UK Just Announced A PS4 Pro Bundle For The Same Price

If you’re in the market for a 4K games console, you now have two options: PS4 Pro and Xbox One X. Sony made a lot of announcements recently at its Paris Games Week showcase, but we did not get a PS4 Pro price cut or deal ahead of the Xbox One X’s release, as some expected. Cut to today, and just as Microsoft’s new system is hitting store shelves, Sony has not-so-coincidentally announced a new PS4 Pro bundle.

Dubbed the Only on PlayStation bundle, it consists of a PS4 Pro and a handful of PS4-exclusive games released this year. These include Uncharted: The Lost Legacy, Gran Turismo Sport, Wipeout Omega Collection, Horizon: Zero Dawn, and Horizon’s new DLC expansion, The Frozen Wilds. This is priced at £450–the same amount that Xbox One X costs without any games. Sony indirectly acknowledges as much in its announcement tweet, which followed the price with a winking emoji.

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£450 means this is priced at £100 more than a PS4 Pro bundle with one game (FIFA 18), making this a legitimately good deal for those who are interested in what’s included. It’s currently only available through Game (where it’s out of stock as of this writing). However, if you are shopping for a 4K system, one thing to bear in mind is that the PS4 Pro lacks a 4K Blu-ray player, something that is included in both the Xbox One S and Xbox One X.

For a full rundown on the two systems, check out our PS4 Pro review and Xbox One X review. If you decide you’d prefer the latter, you can take advantage of a free Xbox One X game promotion right now.

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Call of Duty: WW2 Has a Hidden Game-Ending Scorestreak

A hidden game-ending scorestreak has been found in the Call of Duty: WW2 multiplayer.

Streamer Pwnstarz has claimed the “Worlds First Live Nuke in COD WW2”, and you can watch the footage here. Pwnstarz was playing on PC when he accrued a 25 kill streak without dying on multiplayer map Gibraltar.

After a prompt to activate the Scorestreak, sure enough, a V2 Rocket bombards the map causing a great flash and a whole lot of screen shake. Every player alive on the map will then (naturally) cease to exist.

Pwnstarz’ game ends shortly after, but according to Eurogamer, it isn’t clear whether this is due to the rocket itself or the score limit for the match being reached.

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DC’s Flashpoint Is Finally “Close” To Being Greenlit

Earlier this month, it was rumored that development on DC’s standalone Flash movie, titled Flashpoint, had been paused. According to reports, the studio was waiting to see how the upcoming Justice League, which features Ezra Miller as The Flash, performed at the box office before moving forward with Flashpoint. However, it has now been reported that the studio is close to greenlighting the movie.

Wall Street Journal writer Ben Fritz recently wrote a piece on Justice League and took to Twitter to provide some extra detail that didn’t make it into his main story. Fritz wrote, “[Warner Pictures president] Toby Emmerich said ‘close to hiring a director’ on Flashpoint, hopes to greenlight soon.”

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Flashpoint has had its share of development troubles over the last couple of years. The movie was first announced in 2015, with Grahame-Smith hired to direct. Grahame-Smith left the production in May 2016, citing to “creative differences,” with replacement Rick Famuyiwa quitting a few months later for the same reason. Warner then hired Joby Harold to rewrite the entire script.

The title Flashpoint was confirmed at San Diego Comic-Con in July. It’s a reference to the 2011 Flash comic event that put Barry Allen, The Flash, in a very different universe than the original storyline. Barry travels back in time to prevent his mother’s murder and in doing so, changes the DC universe timeline and many of the key heroes and villains in it.

In related news, it has been revealed that the surprisingly short running time of Justice League was ordered by Warner CEO Kevin Tsujihara as a reaction to the extended length of previous movies such as Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. The film clocks in at 119 minutes, which makes it the shortest movie in the DC universe so far. It hits theaters on November 17.

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