Google Home Review

Google’s foray into the world of smart speakers began a little over a year ago with the launch of Google Home, powered by the company’s virtual assistant. It can play music, send audio and video to televisions and stereos with the help of a Chromecast, and can respond to all sorts of questions and commands. It costs $129 for the standard Home speaker, $49 for the Home mini version, and $399 for the audio-enhanced Google Home Max. Now that Amazon’s Echo and Apple’s HomePod are out, the smart speaker arms race is heating up, so let’s see what Google’s midrange offering brings to the table.

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Take a First Look at the Atari VCS

At GDC this week, Atari was giving a first look at what was previously being called the ‘Atari box’, now officially called the Atari VCS.

Well, sort of. The unit I saw at the show wasn’t functional or final, but it is supposed to be representative of the final product. Atari was also showing off an in-development USB joystick, as well as a prototype controller.

Take a look at all of it in the slideshow below:

It turns out that the Atari VCS isn’t exactly what I was expecting, and I imagine is very different than what most assume it will be. It’s not really an Atari version of the NES Mini as much as it’s Atari’s take on making a Linux-based living room PC. We’ll have some more thoughts on what we learned later today.

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Marvel Comics Gives Black Widow a Big Overhaul

Black Widow’s just became a whole lot crazier thanks to the new issue of Tales of Suspense.


Warning: this article contains spoilers for Tales of Suspense #103!

Natasha Romanova’s status quo has been very up in the air in recent months. She was killed in last year’s Secret Empire crossover, cut down in battle with Hydra Supreme Steve Rogers. However, it wasn’t long before signs emerged that she may have survived that battle. Tales of Suspense #102 confirmed that Natasha is still alive, but it turns out the truth is a lot more complicated.

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