Watch Us Play Overwatch’s New Hero, Brigitte

After weeks of cryptic teases, Blizzard has finally unveiled the newest character for Overwatch, and as many have speculated, it’s Brigitte. Torbj√∂rn’s daughter marks the 27th character to join the roster, and she comes with a few unique tricks to help set her apart from the other support heroes in the game.

Blizzard describes Brigitte as “an engineer with peerless armor-constructing abilities,” and those characteristics shine through in her abilities on the battlefield. Her primary weapon is the Rocket Flail, which has an extended range and can smash multiple opponents at once. In addition to that, she brandishes a Barrier Shield, which can protect any teammates directly behind her. She can also toss Repair Packs to heal teammates, while her passive ability, Inspire, heals nearby allies over time when she lands blows on enemies.

These skills combine to make Brigitte a rather unique addition to the Overwatch roster, acting like a mixture of Reinhardt and her father. While she isn’t available in the live game just yet, PC players do have a chance to try her out right now on the Public Test Realm. If you’re watching for her to launch on PS4 or Xbox One but are still curious to see Brigitte in action, we took her for a spin today on the latest episode of GameSpot Live–though as is always the case, her final attributes could change by the time she makes it to the live game. You can watch a replay of our stream above.

If you’re interested in learning more about the newest Overwatch hero, you can watch Brigitte’s origin story trailer here. You can also learn more about her in the latest Overwatch developer update and read about Brigitte’s backstory and special abilities here.