Pokemon Go Spring Event Now Live, Adds New Shiny And Flower Crown Pokemon

A new event has begun in Pokemon Go. The game’s spring celebration is now live until April 16, and it introduces a couple of new springtime Pokemon to catch, as well as a new Shiny.

During the spring event, Pokemon like Exeggcute, Chansey, Mareep, Marill, and Torchic will appear in the wild more often than normal. You’ll also have a chance to find Shiny Exeggcute, as well as two special Pokemon: Buneary wearing a flower crown and Pikachu wearing a flower hat.

In addition to the increased wild spawns, you’re more likely to hatch Pichu, Togepi, Tyrogue, Chingling, Happiny, Munchlax, and Riolu from 2 km eggs. Any Pichu and Togepi that you hatch will likewise be wearing flower crowns. Niantic has also rolled out a special set of event Field Research tasks that lead to encounters with Alolan Exeggutor, Azumarill, and the rare Gen 5 Pokemon Audino.

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Yooka-Laylee And The Impossible Lair Update Makes The Game Easier

Yooka-Laylee and the Impossible Lair is a good sequel to the original N64 throwback, with one central issue: its titular Impossible Lair. While its challenge isn’t insurmountable, it stands in stark contrast to the difficulty of the rest of the game, which is why developer Playtonic Games is introducing two new modes for it in the latest update, which goes live on April 14.

The Impossible Lair is now split in two. The “Not So Impossible Lair” is the new standard mode, offering you the ability to save your progress at checkpoints. Each of these checkpoints registers how many bees you have in your bee shield (effectively how many hits you can take before dying), letting you practice certain sections repeatedly without having to worry about reaching the same point consistently. Playtonic notes that you can ignore checkpoints entirely too if you want to replicate the experiences from launch.

The “Impossible Lair” variant is an even tougher challenge than originally presented, with no checkpoints and no bee shield to protect you during its grueling run. That means you have to make it through the lengthy stage without taking a single fault, which should please fans itching for a new challenge.

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For Honor Year 4 Season 2 Delayed Due To COVID-19

Ubisoft has taken the decision to delay Year 4 Season 2 of For Honor due to the ongoing situation regarding COVID-19. The update has been pushed back and will now release on June 11 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

“First and foremost, we hope that everyone is doing well and is safe at home during these times,” the developer said in a statement. “On our side, the team is still hard at work to keep For Honor fully operational even though we are doing so from home.

“We are proud of how quickly everyone on the development team has adapted to the situation,” the statement continues. “However, even with all our efforts during these times, the disruption over the past weeks is having an impact on our ability to deliver our near term content updates. For this reason, we have taken the decision to delay the release of Year 4 Season 2 to June 11, 2020.”

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PS5 Pre-Orders Aren’t Live Yet, But You Can Sign Up For Notifications Now

Over the past year, we’ve learned about the PlayStation 5 bit by bit, and the latest news brought a complete reveal of the next-gen PS5 controller, also known as the DualSense. We’ve still got a lot to learn about the upcoming console, including its release date and more, but if you want to be one of the first people to put your money down, then several retailers have started sign-ups to notify users when the PS5 is available to pre-order.

When will PS5 be available to pre-order?

Best Buy, Target, and GameStop are all currently accepting sign-ups for users who wish to be notified. It’s currently unclear when the PS5’s pre-order date will be, but with this past generation as our reference, we expect pre-orders to become available sometime by the end of June. This is when E3 would have taken place before it was canceled due to the current COVID-19 pandemic.

Of course, because of the pandemic, the PS5’s pre-order date may come later than expected due to stock or other concerns. In any case, you can sign up below to be notified right when the PS5 goes on sale. Of course, we’ll update this story with any relevant PS5 pre-order information and listings when they’re available.

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Where Does Final Fantasy 7 Remake End?

Warning: this article contains spoilers for both Final Fantasy 7 Remake and the original Final Fantasy 7. 

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Final Fantasy 7 Remake is not the ‘full game’. That is to say, while it is a complete RPG in its own right, it does not cover the whole plot of the 1997 original. Instead, it is just the first in a multi-part series of games that will tell the full story. With that in mind, it’s understandable if the first question you thought of is ‘where does Final Fantasy 7 Remake end?’ especially if you’ve played the original PlayStation game. If answers are what you seek, then this is the place to find them.

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As Square Enix has stated several times before, Final Fantasy 7 Remake is just the Midgar section of the original game. That means the two Mako reactors, the slums, Wall Market, and the towering Shinra HQ building. Nothing beyond the borders of the steel city is shown at all, aside from in the odd flashback.

The very final scene of Remake sees Cloud, Tifa, Barret, Aerith, and Red XIII walking away from Midgar into the world of Gaia, with plans to stop Sephiroth from destroying the planet. It’s almost exactly as it was at the end of the Midgar section of the original game.

That means that you don’t get to see the town of Kalm or anywhere from the original game’s open world, but you do get to play through iconic moments like the fight with Rufus on top of the Shinra building, the escape down the highway on Cloud’s bike, and the big battle with the Motor Ball tank.

That’s not to say everything in the finale of Final Fantasy 7 Remake is the same as it was in the original, though. This is, after all, a reimagining and heavily expanded version of the story, and so there are new surprises to experience. If you want to see the finale with fresh eyes, then turn away now, because spoilers are coming.

Warning: more detailed spoilers follow for the finale of Final Fantasy 7 Remake.

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The final chapter of Final Fantasy 7 Remake is around an hour of entirely new story beats, involving two major boss battles and the introduction of a key new plot thread. The final boss is Sephiroth, which is understandable considering his status as the story’s big bad, but the boss preceding him directly ties into Remake’s new and expanded narrative. So while the final scene may be taken from the original game, almost everything else in the last chapter of Remake is brand new.

By concluding just after the party escapes Midgar, it leaves a sequel to pick up as they proceed to Kalm, Fort Condor, Junon Harbour, the glittering domes of the Gold Saucer, and beyond. Don’t expect that journey to be exactly as you remember it, though; Remake’s new narrative additions mean we’ll likely be seeing all of this in a brand new light.

So that’s where Final Fantasy 7 Remake ends, and it’ll take you anywhere between 30 and 40 hours to get there. That’s a far cry from the five or so hours it takes when playing the original game. If you’re looking for more Final Fantasy 7 Remake, then why not check out our review, or see why Final Fantasy is the biggest RPG of all time.

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Matt Purslow is IGN’s UK News and Entertainment Writer. You can follow him on Twitter.