Fortnite Ice Storm Event Beings After Mysterious Orb Has Opened

Shortly after the release of Fortnite‘s 7.20 update earlier this week, players noticed that a mysterious icy sphere had appeared in the game above Polar Peak, leading to speculation that it would somehow tie into the impending Season 8. As it would turn out, the sphere actually housed the Ice King, who has now emerged and blanketed the entire island with an ice storm, kicking off a new event.

During an in-game sequence that unfolded on Saturday, the mysterious sphere burst open, revealing the Ice King, who conjured up a blizzard that rolled over the island. Along with the storm arrived Ice Fiends, zombie-like monsters reminiscent of those that appeared during the Fortnitemares event back in October. You can watch a replay of the entire event below.

The Ice Storm event also brings a new set of challenges to complete. Over the course of the next several days, Epic will be rolling out new objectives. Clearing each will reward you with XP, and finishing six will unlock a black and ice blue wrap. Players who manage to finish all 13 of the Ice Storm challenges will also get a special reward: the Winter’s Thorn Glider.

We’ll be rounding up the full list of Ice Storm challenges as they’re unveiled, so be sure to check back throughout the event. If you need help completing some of Fortnite’s other challenges, we also have tips on those in our full Fortnite Season 7 challenge guide.

While the mystery of the ice sphere has seemingly been solved, a few other unusual objects were recently spotted in the game. The iceberg that was once near Happy Hamlet has been destroyed, revealing a mysterious bunker underneath. Players have also discovered strange, giant eggs within prison cells beneath Polar Peak’s castle. What these signify is anyone’s guess, but we likely won’t have to wait too long to find out.

Fortnite’s Ice Storm Event Begins After In-Game Event Covers Map in Snow

Another in-game event went live in Fortnite this morning, covering the entire map in snow and kicking off the Ice Storm event.

Earlier this week, a mysterious ice sphere appeared above Polar Peak. A silhouette of the Ice King, the final reward of Season 7’s Battle Pass, was visible inside. Television sets across the map began broadcasting a forecast warning with a countdown to today’s event.

The event started with ice sphere exploding, fully revealing the Ice King and clearing out any storm effects in the sky. A giant icy figure appeared over the ocean and sent forth a frosty wind across the map. Once the fog settled, the entire map was covered in snow.

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Fortnite Ice Storm Challenge Guide (Day 1): Destroy Ice Fiends, Damage Ice Legion

Epic Games has kicked off a new Fortnite world event that, along with changing the island where all the action takes places, introduces a new batch of challenges to complete. If you’ve been keeping a close eye on what’s been happening in Fortnite you’ll know that a mysterious orb appeared recently above Polar Peak. That orb has now opened, and from within it the Ice King has emerged.

His arrival has also buffeted the island with an Ice Storm, which has frozen it over. An icy mist has reduced visibility and, wouldn’t you know it, strange zombie-like creatures called Ice Fiends have appeared. This is the second event of this type, the previous being Fortnitemares. New changes and enemies to take on means there’s ample opportunity to throw in some fresh challenges for players, and that’s exactly what Epic has done.

Over the next five days, new challenges will unlock in Fortnite, each one offering 500 experience points for completion. Once six Ice Storm challenges are completed, players will received a cool black and ice blue wrap. For those that manage to complete all 13 challenges, there’s a Winter’s Thorn Glider as a reward. Check out the challenges available on day one below.

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Fortnite Ice Storm Challenges

  • Complete Ice Storm Challenges (6) — Wrap Reward
  • Destroy Ice Fiends (250) — 500 XP
  • Deal damage with explosive weapons to the Ice Legion (5000) — 500 XP

The mysterious orb that housed the Ice King appeared as part of Fortnite’s 7.20 update, which also brought back glider redeploy as an item you can collect and use. Additionally, it dropped a new gun into the mix: the Scoped Revolver.

The Ice Storm challenges should generally be fairly easy to complete, unlike their weekly counterparts, which take some legwork. We’re now in Season 7, Week 7 of Fortnite, and one challenge for the week involves finding and visiting Expedition Outposts. We’ve put together a guide that will speed the whole process up, so you can see all the Expedition Outpost locations here. For the other difficult challenges from previous weeks, you can use our full Fortnite Season 7 challenge guide for help with those.

Shazam! DC’s next Big Hero Has Collectibles on the Way

Shazam! doesn’t hit theaters until April, but as you might expect, some of the first merchandise based on Zachary Levi as the DC superhero is already up for pre-order.

The first is a PVC diorama figure that features Shazam! in a dramatic hero pose, bolts of translucent lighting bursting from his chest.

The piece is designed by Caesar and sculpted by Rocco Tartamella, and measures approximately 9″ tall. It comes in a full-color window box and has a suggested retail price of $49.99.

Shazam! will also be available as a chunky lil’ Vinimate, one of Diamond Select’s blocky stylized vinyl figurines based on their Minimates line. Designed by Barry Bradfield, he measures 4″ tall and sells for the reasonable price of $9.99.

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