BioWare Details How Anthem’s Javelin Builds And Gameplay Will Change In Major Update

Anthem, BioWare’s loot-shooter, has had a rough time since releasing in early 2019–so much so that the developer has promised an extensive overhaul. At the beginning of 2020, BioWare said that the update would be a long process, and now some new details about some of the changes being made have been released.

In an update on BioWare’s blog, we’ve been given some more details about the Anthem NEXT update that’s in the works. The post looks at how Javelin builds and skill trees will work after the update, and how they will change gameplay. There are some fundamental shifts here, like components being done away with and a greater emphasis on abilities.

A new work-in-progress UI for modifying your Javelin
A new work-in-progress UI for modifying your Javelin

BioWare has presented a series of bullet points explaining how gameplay and builds will change, which you can check out below.

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Watch Dogs: Legion – 10 Tips To Know Before Playing

There’s a lot going on in Watch Dogs: Legion. As a member of the hacker resistance group DedSec, your job is to bring down the terrorist organization Zero Day and fight back against Albion, a paramilitary company that has all but taken over London in the wake of an attack on the city. To do that, you have a bunch of tools at your disposal, like the ability to hack all sorts of machinery–and you can recruit just about anyone in the city to serve as a playable character, with each potential recruit bringing their own skills.

There are a lot of systems to keep in mind as you run around London fighting fascism, though. You’ve got your hacker gear, weapons, and a melee fighting system that’s new to the series. You’ll also find all kinds of side quests that have various benefits and with a city full of potential recruits, it can be tough to decide who to bring into your organization.

To help you get DedSec on its feet, we’ve compiled 10 tips you should know about as you begin your career as a cyberpunk insurrectionist. Here’s a rundown of what you should upgrade, what you should look for in recruits, and what you should prioritize in the game’s first few hours. And if you haven’t yet, make sure to check out our Watch Dogs: Legion review.

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Borderlands 3 Has Been Certified For PS5 And Xbox Series X Ahead Of Launch

Borderlands 3 is coming to the Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 at launch, and the next-gen versions of the game have now reached a major milestone. The official Borderlands Twitter account has announced that the game has been certified for release on both systems–meaning, essentially, that it has gone gold.

Owners of the game on PS4 or Xbox One will be able to upgrade for free within the same console family. Because of this, the game won’t come bundled with DLC by default–you’ll need to buy that separately.

These versions of the game will run at 4K/60fps, and support four-player split-screen multiplayer. There’s a second season pass coming to the game, too, so there will be plenty of content updates to keep you playing.

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Part Time UFO, A Brilliant Mobile Game From Kirby’s Creator, Is Out Now On Switch

During Nintendo’s most recent Direct Mini presentation, a new game dropped on the Switch Eshop–well, kind of. The game, Part Time UFO, was released on mobile in 2018–but the Switch version comes with various new features.

Part Time UFO, from Kirby developer HAL Laboratory, casts players as Jobski, a sentient UFO catcher who just wants to help out. Each level in the game features different objectives to complete, and as you progress you unlock money that can be spent on perks to improve your performance.

This Switch version has a co-op feature, letting you play levels with a friend, as well as a new, more difficult set of levels after the main campaign is done.

Watch the trailer below, but beware–the game’s theme song is a real earworm.

You’ll notice a little cameo from some Kirby characters in the trailer, so there could potentially be some other Nintendo-specific content in the game.

Back in 2018, Part Time UFO was one of GameSpot’s five mobile games of the year. It was described as “exactly the kind of charming game you’d expect from HAL Laboratory: easy to pick up, devilishly difficult to put down.”

November 2020: Major Game Releases For PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X, Xbox One, Switch, PC

November is nearly here, which means the next-generation of consoles is about to begin. Microsoft’s Xbox Series X/S and Sony’s PlayStation 5 are releasing on November 10 and 12 respectively, so excitement around the games industry couldn’t be any higher than it is now. You can expect a pretty packed month of games releases in November, seeing as both Microsoft and Sony are wheeling out their lineup of console launch games on top of an already full third-party release schedule.

As to be expected, the biggest names in gaming headline the month, with new entries in franchises like Assassin’s Creed, Call of Duty, and Spider-Man. Though that doesn’t include other massive games coming out, like the Demon’s Souls remake, Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity, Godfall, the new Destiny 2: Beyond Light expansion, and a whole lot more.

Below, we’ve rounded up all of the biggest November 2020 game releases for PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X, Xbox One, PC, and Switch. For a closer look at the titles still to come this year, look at our list of game release dates in 2020. Otherwise, check this article throughout the month, as we’ll be sure to update it with more new release dates that get announced.

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Path Of Exile’s Next Expansion Has Been Delayed Because Of Cyberpunk 2077

Path of Exile has delayed its 3.13 endgame expansion out of December, but not because developer Grinding Gear Games won’t be able to complete it by then. Instead, it’s been delayed because of an entirely different delay–Cyberpunk 2077 moving its release date to December 10 has messed up their plans.

“We were previously targeting a launch date of December 11 for our 3.13 end-game expansion,” the developer said on its forum. However, now that Cyberpunk 2077 is releasing at the same time, the developer is pushing the update back to January.

“We still expect to finish 3.13 by early/mid-December,” the post reads. “The scope of this expansion will remain unchanged. During the month of delay before release, we will start work on the 3.14 expansion.”

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