The Walking Dead: Season 10, Episode 2 Review

Warning: This review contains full spoilers for The Walking Dead Season 10, episode 2, “We Are the End of the World.”

It may have been too early in Season 10 to shift gears completely, following the ghoulish exploits of the Whisperers on the other side of the border, but then again, I don’t know when a good time would be to spend this much time with their lot. Because if you thought Walking Dead’s story dragged when we peeked behind the Saviors’ curtain and into the inner-workings of Sanctuary, then The Whisperers are here to show you things can get even sludgier.

It’s not that watching the meet-cute between Alpha and Beta isn’t totally devoid of importance, especially sinceĀ “We Are the End of the World” focused on a new rift possibly forming between them over Alpha’s undeniable sadness after losing Lydia, but a story like this can’t help but remind us that, well… there are other people on the show we’d much rather share a flashback with.

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