Valorant Agent Astra Comes To Game Alongside Battle Pass On March 2

Riot Games has revealed a new agent for Valorant, Astra, who will be able to cause chaos with astronomy-themed attacks and a powerful Gravity Well ability. The agent, originally from Ghana, acts as a controller in matches and should help to keep the other team from making coordinated strikes. She’ll be live in the game on March 2.

One of the most unique aspects of Astra is her ability to soar above the map in order to get a better perspective, though you’ll be leaving her actual, physical body at risk of being attacked while you do so. Using her Astral Form, she’s able to place down stars that can then be turned into a Nebula, powerful Nova Pulse, or a Gravity Well that traps and damages those caught inside.

A new battle pass is also on the way, giving you more cosmetic unlockables for Valorant’s characters. It costs 1,000 VP, with the paid track giving you a Prism III Axe melee, Cavalier Vandal, Cavalier Operator, Make Some Noise spray, and Versus // Sova + Cypher card. A few freebies are available, too, including a Prism III Classic pistol and a Dumpster Fire spray.

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The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Is Getting A Board Game

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim has been ported to just about everything at this point, including Nintendo Switch and even Amazon Alexa. But Modiphius Entertainment sees one more platform it can be on: cardboard. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim – The Board Game is in the works, and it appears the company will be seeking crowdfunding to make it possible.

In a listing on the crowdfunding site Gamefound, Modiphius described The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim – The Board Game as an “epic cooperative board game” that will be playable by one to four players. It’s honestly baffling that it took this long for a Skyrim board game to be made at all. Presumably, the game will involve one of the quests we saw in the video game, as well as dragons. We could do without any “arrow in the knee” jokes.

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E3 2021 In-Person Event Canceled, Tourism Board Says

It’s news that isn’t particularly shocking, but it was all but inevitable. E3 2021 has been canceled as an in-person event, with the Board of Los Angeles Department of Convention and Tourism Development Commissioners planning some sort of digital replacement to be broadcast from the city.

The news, shared by VGC and available as part of an 84-page presentation on the city’s official website, lists E3 2021 as a “canceled live event in 2021,” with potential broadcast options at LA Live and/or the Los Angeles Convention Center. The same update says the city is still working on the license for the next two years’ conferences.

We did already know that the ESA was considering doing a very different sort of E3 for 2021, per a statement it gave to GameSpot earlier this month. The organization said it was “transforming the E3 experience for 2021” and added that it would share details on publishers’ involvement in the event soon.

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