Mister Miracle #3 Review

It’s hard to decide whether Batman or Mister Miracle qualifies as DC’s best ongoing series. But either way, Tom King is truly king of the hill in the DC Universe right now. Mister Miracle #3 is easily the most satisfying installment of this series yet, one that offers a unique, captivating blend of psychedelic imagery, mythological grandeur and crushingly depressing personal drama. Is it real? Is it a hallucination? Who cares? It’s Mister Miracle.

That said, the question of how much, if any, of this story is actually unfolding in the real DCU is becoming increasingly interesting with time. I’m not willing to discount the notion that this entire book and its depiction of the final, cataclysmic war between New Genesis and Apokolips, is all the Jacob’s Ladder-style fever dream of a dying Scott Free. Scott’s grasp on reality seems to be slipping a little bit more in each new chapter. That’s to say nothing of the clever interplay between scenes of New Gods spectacle and quiet, intimate moments between Scott and Big Barda. There’s such a stark contrast between the bleak, emotionally withdrawn nature of Scott’s day-to-day existence and his encounters with characters like Bug and Orion.

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