Justice League’s New Trailer: Darkseid, Hints, and Other Hidden Details

New York Comic-Con gave us a few exciting gifts, perhaps most notably a brand-new trailer for Justice League, November’s upcoming DC team-up flick that was telegraphed in Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice. We went frame-by-frame and picked out all of the hints, secrets, and other hidden details we could find.

0:17 – We open with Amy Adams’ Lois Lane in Smallville on the Kent farm, looking out at Henry Cavill’s Clark in a corn field. He’s back! Maybe…

0:39 – The engagement ring Clark is referring to calls back to the Batman vs Superman scene in Clark’s childhood bedroom.

0:42 – Here we flashback to Superman’s burial at the end of Batman vs Superman.

0:48 – But alas. It was all just a dream. Superman’s still dead, at least for now.

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