Dragon Ball Super Episode 113 Review

Warning: The following review contains spoilers for the episode.

It’s all about the Super Saiyans this week as Goku is forced into battle with the ladies from Universe 6. The action was delightful, with the golden warriors throwing fast punches and intense Ki blasts. Unfortunately awesome fights can’t make up for the fact the action made little sense as we watch a warrior with decades of experience barely hold back two brand new warriors.

Flashy is one thing Dragon Ball has always done well, and this episode is no different. Caulifla and Goku both looked awesome as they battled in Super Saiyan 2, although I was particularly impressed with Caulifla. The attention to detail on her during the fights was wonderful, and her strange red Ki blasts are a wonderful counter to the sharp golden ones that Goku throws. Kale stepped in later, and although her time in this episode didn’t hit the same peaks as Caulifla’s, the attention to detail was no less. The way her and Caulifla fight together is great, bouncing Goku between their attacks and splitting his attention so he can’t focus on one person at a time. Their teamwork reminded me of Goku and Vegeta, making me wish we could see our two primary heroes someday work together in the same way.

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