Our Spoiler-Free Thoughts on Agents of SHIELD’s Season 6 Premiere

This is a spoiler-free early review of the Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD Season 6 premiere, which was shown to fans at WonderCon ahead of its May 10 debut.

Agents of SHIELD fans at WonderCon got a Marvel-ous treat; not only was the show’s Season 6 premiere date (May 10) announced, they also got an early look at the season opener, which was directed by series star Clark Gregg.

If you’ve already caught the Season 6 trailers that Marvel and ABC have been running since January, it’s no spoiler to say that while our beloved Agent Phil Coulson is (as far as we know), truly, officially dead following the events of Season 5, Clark Gregg still shows up on camera, as well as behind it. Coulson appears as a hologram giving Mac leadership advice, but we’re also introduced to a mysterious man in black who shares Coulson’s face but, when challenged that he’s “from SHIELD,” coldly retorts, “never heard of it.”

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