Captain Marvel Trailer Update: Everything We Know About The Movie

The first trailer for Captain Marvel is finally here, and fans couldn’t be more excited about Marvel’s next movie, which doesn’t hit theaters until Spring 2019. The first female-focused solo film promises some action both in space and right here on Earth. Now, with the release of more information about the film, official set photos, the new trailer, and a breakdown, a wider picture for the movie has been painted.

Again, it’s early, but this film looks exceptionally promising for a few reasons. While many Marvel fans are still trying to get over the ending of Avengers: Infinity War, Captain Marvel won’t be a follow-up, as it takes place at least two decades prior, during the ’90s. In addition, the movie will jump viewers right into the action, skipping out on the origin story. There are also a few connections to other Marvel movies that we’ve noticed from casting announcements as well as set photos.

We’re keeping a running list of every Captain Marvel related announcement, confirmation, and plot detail as they trickle in over the next six months. There have been a few updates recently, including who Ben Mendelsohn and Lashana Lynch are playing in the upcoming film. Keep checking back as we plan on keeping you up-to-date on the latest Captain Marvel news up until its release.

Captain Marvel hits theaters on March 8, 2019. It will be followed sometime in April with the release of Avengers 4.

For more on the Marvel Cinematic Universe and Marvel Comics information:

1. It’s set in the ’90s

One of the first pieces of Captain Marvel news we got was its time period: the 1990s, a “previously unexplored” era of MCU history. This means that not only is this movie the MCU’s first prequel since Captain America: The First Avenger, it also means that Carol has, in theory, been active and out there somewhere in the galaxy this entire time. Wonder why the Guardians of the Galaxy never encountered her?

2. Lee Pace will return as Ronan

The MCU doesn’t have the best track record with returning villains–in fact, Ronan of Guardians of the Galaxy fame making his triumphant return to the screen is actually an MCU first. Thus far, the only recycled baddies, or anti-heroes, appearing in the Marvel roster are fan favorites like Loki, Bucky Barnes, and, briefly, Red Skull.

In all likelihood, Captain Marvel is taking place well before Ronan went totally off the deep end as an Accuser, so we’re probably going to see a completely different side of him this time around. But try not to get too attached–we all know where he ended up.

3. Skrulls are coming to the MCU

Last year, shortly after Comic-Con, Marvel Studios head honcho Kevin Feige confirmed that Captain Marvel will introduce Skrulls into the MCU. An alien race capable of virtually limitless shape shifting, the Skrulls have been in an intergalactic conflict with another alien race, the Kree, for centuries.

What exactly does that mean for the MCU going forward? Well, famously, Skrulls are master imposters–their comic book storylines generally emphasize the idea that close friends, teammates, and even arch enemies can be replaced by Skrulls for years at a time before anyone is any the wiser. By introducing the Skrulls to the live action universe retroactively, thanks to Captain Marvel’s ’90s setting–well, that’s when things start to get really interesting. If Skrulls have really been here all this time, who knows who they’ve already replaced?

4. Carol’s in the Air Force

In keeping with her comic book origins, set photos and interviews have confirmed that Brie Larson’s Carol Danvers will be a member of the US Air Force. Brie Larson apparently trained with airmen for eight months to prepare for the role, and the Air Force was regularly consulted on Carol’s character development–specifically whether or not it was possible for someone so young to have risen through the ranks as high as Carol will, apparently, have by the start of the film.

5. Nick Fury is back (and has known about Carol for some time)

In the Infinity War post credits, we got our first ever onscreen confirmation that Carol is definitely a part of the greater MCU at the hands of Nick Fury, who, moments before crumbling to dust, sent her a message on what looked like a futuristic beeper. This, of course, means that Nick has actually known about Carol’s existence for some time.

Thankfully, we’re likely going to get a look at just why Nick decided to keep this one to himself on screen: Fury is confirmed to appear in the film as his younger, two-eyed self.

6. It’s an origin story

It’s been a while since we’ve had a proper solo origin story in the MCU, but Carol’s getting the full treatment. Not only is Captain Marvel set in the past, it’s positioned to detail out exactly how Carol got her powers, why she left Earth, and, presumably, how S.H.I.E.L.D was involved.

7. Jude Law will play Mar-Vell

The original Captain Marvel will be making his on screen debut right alongside Carol. Undercover Kree soldier Mar-Vell will be played by Jude Law. In the comics, Mar-Vell is one of the first Kree to be stationed on Earth. He adopts the alter ego of scientist Walter Lawson and begins to assess whether or not humans are a threat to the empire, but winds up falling in love with humanity and defecting.

Mar-Vell’s description for the movie cites him as the person who mentors Carol in her new powers and abilities.

8. Phil Coulson is back

Fan favorite S.H.I.E.L.D agent Phil Coulson is coming back thanks to Captain Marvel’s retroactive setting. His actual involvement in the story is yet to be determined, but it’s been confirmed that actor Clark Gregg will be digitally de-aged for the entirety of his screen time–however long that actually is.

9. We’re meeting Minn-Erva

Mar-Vell isn’t the only Kree entering the MCU for the first time. Kree geneticist Minn-Erva will be making her live action debut played by Gemma Chan. In the comics, Minn-Erva was one of the people sent to observe Mar-Vell during his time on Earth and a scientist with a slightly dubious ethical compass. Her obsession with genetic advancement even leads her to attempt to lure Mar-Vell into a romantic relationship based on her hypothesis that their offspring would be genetically superior.

10. Carol has a pet cat

Samuel L. Jackson posted a photo on Instagram of the Captain Marvel cast and crew shirts which feature a design apparently highlighting the involvement of Carol’s comic book pet cat, Chewie.

In the comics, Chewie is actually a cat-like alien called a Flerken that can fly, teleport, and shoot giant gross tentacles out of its mouth. (No, really.) Whether or not those particular qualities will be making the jump to live action remains to be seen, but even if he’s just a normal cat this time around, he’ll probably be pretty cute.

11. Captain Marvel is the strongest hero in the MCU

In an interview with Vulture, Kevin Feige casually called out Carol as the strongest superhero in the MCU, which is pretty major considering both the Hulk and Thor have been battling over that unofficial mantle for the last several movies. Unfortunately, relative strength is always great, but probably won’t get us very far when it comes to going up against Thanos and the Infinity Gauntlet. Punching things is likely not the solution to returning half the universe to life.

Still, it definitely can’t hurt to have a brand new powerhouse in the Avengers corner.

12. Ben Mendelsohn is playing a Skrull

In EW’s Captain Marvel reveal, the Ready Player One and Rogue One actor will be playing Talos, the leader of the Skrulls. In the comics, the alien race are known for their ability to shapeshift, except for Talos. However, that part of the character’s history is being scrapped for the films, as we’ve already seen Talos will be going undercover as a human on Earth. Previously, it was rumored that Mendelsohn would be playing the Kree defector Yon-Rogg.

13. Lashana Lynch is Monica Rambeau

There may actually be a third Captain Marvel in the mix for this movie. Lashana Lynch has been cast as a Monica Rambeau, another adopter of the Captain Marvel mantle who was empowered by extra dimensional energy. Monica adopted the name Captain Marvel in the ’80s and then went on to use the names Photon, Pulsar, and Spectrum.

14. Filming has officially wrapped

On July 8th, Brie Larson took to Twitter to announce that Captain Marvel had wrapped filming. This likely means it’ll be another several months before we see a trailer–but a teaser might be coming relatively soon. This also means the handful of set photos we’ve seen have likely been a mix between actual Captain Marvel scenes and moments from Avengers 4.

15. Captain Marvel won’t remember her past

While Captain Marvel is an origin story, the first trailer makes it seem as the film will start in the middle of Danvers’ life as a cosmic superhero, after leaving the Kree Starforce. It seems more than likely that the structure of the film will keep her crashing into the Blockbuster Video on Earth as the starting point, with Danvers having no recollection of her past life, like the start of so many JRPGs.

As she spends more time on Earth, pieces of her past will come back to her in flashes, which we see in the first trailer. This non-traditional structure to a Marvel origin film should be a breath or fresh air to moviegoers.

16. The Skrulls will be on Earth

When set photos were released, we saw Ben Mendelsohn filming a scene not wearing his Skrull makeup for his character Talos. The scene took place on Earth, and as we already know, Skrulls are shapeshifting aliens, so there are Skrulls secretly living on Earth. In the first trailer, Captain Marvel is on public transportation and punches a nice old lady in the face. Our guess is that the woman is actually a Skrull–maybe even Talos–and said something to Danvers to reveal her true identity. Or, she wouldn’t give up her seat to Captain Marvel, who was very tired from travelling across the galaxy.