The Best Overwatch Skins We Want Brought Over From Heroes Of The Storm

Heroes of the Storm brings together characters from all of Blizzard’s major franchises (Warcraft, StarCraft, Diablo, and Overwatch) and some lesser-known ones (The Lost Vikings, from Blizzard’s early days operating as Silicon & Synapse). Each of these characters has a variety of cosmetic skin options, but not all of them come from the games that the characters themselves are pulled from.

Most notable are those for the Overwatch characters who have been added over the last 18 months. They have a wide variety of looks that you can’t use in the shooter–and many of them are better than the options in Overwatch itself.

As such, there’s no shortage of skins we’d love to see brought to Overwatch from Heroes of the Storm. Seven characters have made the transition from Overwatch to HotS, and almost all of them have at least one exclusive skin that’s worthwhile. (All Ana has going for her are colorful versions of the Shrike skin available in Overwatch.) Even Junkrat, who was just added to the game recently, already has a skin that’s arguably better than anything you’ll find in Overwatch. Tracer, Zarya, D.Va, Lucio, and Genji are also represented.

In the gallery above, we’re taking a look at the best Overwatch skins in HotS that we want to see come over to the shooter (as well as their various color configurations). Let us know your favorites in the comments below.

D.Va the Destroyer


D.Va the Destroyer


D.Va the Dreamer


D.Va the Life-Binder


D.Va the Destroyerlisk


D.Va the Spellweaver


Goliath D.Va


Goliath D.Va


Spectre Goliath D.Va


Devil Dogs Goliath D.Va


Hazard Goliath D.Va


Sharkmouth Goliath D.Va


First Dragon Genji


First Dragon Genji


Iron Dragon Genji


Steel Dragon Genji


Master Dragon Genji


Neon Dragon Genji


Fallen Junkrat


Fallen Junkrat


Devilish Fallen Junkrat


Hellish Fallen Junkrat


Orcish Fallen Junkrat


Warped Fallen Junkrat


Cyberdemon Zarya


Indigo Cyberdemon Zarya


Cyborgdemon Zarya


Golden Cyberdemon Zarya


Restored Cyberdemon Zarya

High Gravity Zarya


Quartz High Gravity Zarya


Cobalt High Gravity Zarya


Crimson High Gravity Zarya


Thunder Guard Zarya


Spectre Thunder Guard Zarya


Emerald Thunder Guard Zarya


Ghost Tracer


Amber Ghost Tracer


Heatwave Slip ‘N Stream Tracer


Heatwave Slip ‘N Stream Tracer


Spectre Tracer


Spectre Tracer


Neon Spectre Tracer


Amber Spectre Tracer


Cryo Spectre Tracer


Turbo Tracer


Turbo Tracer


Slipstream Turbo Tracer


Hyper Turbo Tracer


Hot Rod Turbo Tracer


Soundblast Lucio


Crimson Soundblast Lucio


Amber Soundblast Lucio


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