Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 2 ARG Calls For Agents

Update: A third teaser (below) has now appeared, showing the first half of a previously redacted line. It says “Origin,” suggesting that we’ll see the other half of that line sometime soon. Original story follows.

Fortnite‘s new season, Chapter 2 – Season 2, is launching on February 20, and Epic has started to tease the big seasonal changeover with a continent-spanning alternate reality game that seems to be hinting at spycraft plot elements.

The teasers began on Sunday, February 16 with posters and digital ads across the globe, in countries including the US, Brazil, Russia, France, and Italy. Those give a phone number to call, which deliver various messages about agent recruitment and missions. One data miner compiled the messages from various locations. Then, the official Fortnite Discord saw some activity, with a bot called “The Agency” recruiting members.

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