Xbox One Game Deals: Dragon Ball FighterZ, SoulCalibur VI, And More

The Xbox Store is constantly offering new deals on a weekly basis, but this week’s round of game discounts will be exciting for any fighting game aficionados. In celebration of Evo 2019, the annual fighting game tournaments held August 2-4 in Las Vegas, the Xbox Store is offering huge discounts on some of the event’s biggest games, like Dragon Ball FighterZ and SoulCalibur VI. The following deals are available through Monday, August 5.

If you’ve yet to pick up Dragon Ball FighterZ, the anime-inspired fighting game is only $15 USD (was $60), with its FighterZ edition on sale for $38 (was $95) and its Ultimate Edition marked down to $44 (was $110). The Dragon Ball FighterZ Fighter Pass is also discounted to $19.24 from $35. Tekken 7 is also majorly discounted right now, with its standard edition selling for $20 (was $50), its Rematch edition selling for $40 (was $80), and its Ultimate edition selling for just $50 (was $100). Alternatively, you can also pick up Tekken 7’s season passes separately, as both passes are also on sale.

You can also grab SoulCalibur VI for super cheap–the standard edition is marked down to $19.79 (was $60), while the Deluxe edition is now $36 (was $90). Other highlights from the Evo sale include the Capcom Beat ‘Em Up bundle for only $10 (was $20), Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite – Deluxe Edition for $19.79 (was $60), and the Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection for $20 (was $40).

If you’ve already got all the fighting games you need, it’s worth checking out all the DLC marked down as part of the sale, too. There are a ton of discounted characters, costumes, music packs, and more, so now’s a good time to grab various upgrades for any titles you own.

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Best Xbox One game deals | 7/29 – 8/5