Where To Sell Stolen Items: Every Fence Location In Red Dead Redemption 2

Fences–merchants, not boundary markers–in Red Dead Redemption 2 are the only businesses that will buy goods you’ve found while looting strangers and rifling through private property, and by gum, they sure are hard to find. Considering the size of RDR2’s map, and that there are only four fences in all the land, odds are you may be wondering where they’re hiding. We’ve got a handy reference guide to help locate the black-market traders that peddle in illicit goods.

Fair warning: you have to first complete Chapter 2’s ‘The Spines of America’ mission before you can use any fence, and you won’t be able to access either of the specialized fences–for horses or wagons–until you reach certain progress milestones in the game’s main story.

Let’s start off with the first location you’re likely to find: Emerald Ranch

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Fence #1: Emerald Ranch (Unlocks after Chapter 2, Pouring Fourth Oil)

The first fence location you might stumble across during the natural trajectory of the story’s early mission is located on the south-west edge of Emerald Ranch, on the backside of a massive barn. In additional to its usual services, this is also the only fence that will pay you for turning in stolen stagecoaches and carriages.

The same time that you unlock the standard fence at Emerald Ranch, you will also unlock the ability to trade in stolen carriages; simply ride them up to the barn doors to engage the wagon fence.

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Fence #2: Van Horn Trading Post

On the far-east edge of New Hanover (practically due east of Emerald Ranch) lies Van Horn Trading Post. The fence at this location is tucked away within the rear of building along the docks.

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Fence #3: Rhodes
Due south of Emerald Ranch lies Rhodes, a small town with a small trailer park to the north. There you will find a bright red trailer, and on the backside you’ll find a counter and a window where the local fence awaits your business.
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Fence #4: Saint Denis
The far-off bustling streets of Saint Denis are where you’ll find the most well-hidden fence of them all. Tucked under the busy market square, it’s easy to spot if you keep an eye out for the brick archways, or the green building with bright green shudders. This is also the only fence that will purchase gold bars, valued at a whopping $500 a piece.
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Horse Fence, North Of Rhodes (Unlocks after Chapter 3, Horse Flesh For Dinner)

After completing the gruesomely titled mission mentioned above, you can speak to a pair of strangers northwest of Rhodes, along the waterside, to turn in stolen horses.