Monster Hunter World News Teased For Next Week

We may have a better idea of the future of Monster Hunter World very soon, as Capcom is planning a stream next week. It will take place in Japan next Wednesday at 4 AM PT / 7 AM ET.

Though the Japanese announcement doesn’t specify the stream’s focus, it does promise the “latest details” on Monster Hunter World, pointing to an impending announcement. This is marketed as a spring reveal stream, and we already know the studio is planning to release its first big content update this spring. That will introduce the insatiable beast Deviljho, but what else might be coming in that update is still under wraps. We’ve also seen speculation that the new monster is actually coming this Friday, in which case next week’s stream might explain more of the roadmap going forward.

Capcom has already been supporting Monster Hunter World with special PS4-exclusive Horizon: Zero Dawn gear, and we know Mega Man-themed equipment is coming too. The Horizon gear is still available for a limited time. DLC for Generations included crossover promotions with franchises like Mario, Sonic, and Zelda, among many others. Monster Hunter World is available on PS4 and Xbox One with a PC version coming this fall.

Capcom recently boasted that Monster Hunter World had fast become its best-selling game ever, though a closer look at the data produced some caveats. The company wasn’t counting ports in the same pool with their predecessors, so games like Resident Evil 5 and RE6 actually beat it by a few million. Still, given that those numbers were compiled over the course of years and Monster Hunter has been out just over a month, it seems likely to take the trophy sooner or later.