Black Mirror Season 4 Breakdowns: Every Episode Analyzed And Secrets Revealed

Black Mirror, Neflix’s modern-day take on The Twilight Zone with a tech twist, is finally back for your binging pleasure. Season 4 released on Netflix December 29 with six brand-new episodes, and we’ve broken them all down.

In true Black Mirror fashion, this season follows the same sort of sci-fi anthology type of storytelling. Each episode is a complete story, and the characters within them are in their own universe. It’s dark, satirical, and plays off of much of what we see in our society today in regards to developing technology. This season is absolutely no different, no different, using unsettling scenarios to deliver commentary on commentary on tech can twist society and the people within it.

If you’ve already had a chance to watch every episode we’ve put together detailed breakdowns exploring the themes and ideas behind each episode, and revealing their secrets. You can watch all of our breakdown videos below, or alternatively check out this YouTube playlist.

USS Callister

A woman finds herself aboard a ship that resembles pop-culture darling’s Star Trek. But for some reason, everyone on this ship doesn’t just love their jobs, they’re utterly obsessed with their captain, Robert Daly.


Love makes us do crazy things. A mother, Marie, who has nearly lost her daughter turns to technology that will help her keep an eye on her child at all times.


Shazia has a device called the Recaller which allows her to revisit the recent memories of people she interviews.

Hang the DJ

There’s a hip new dating app out in the open, but the catch is that the length of all relationships are dictated by a mysterious algorithm.


Bella, Tony, and Clarke, are on a mission to fulfill a promise to Bella’s sister, and it lands them in serious danger.

Black Museum

Nish comes across the Black Museum, the home to “authentic criminal technology.” The proprietor, Rolo Haynes, tells her the stories behind the artifacts.

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