Pokemon Go Reveals New Rules for Mewtwo Raids

Niantic has announced new details about Pokemon Go’s invitation-only EX Raids, including new criteria and rewards.

In a blog post on Pokemon Go’s official site, Niantic announced that EX Raids have left the “field test” phase and have now officially launched. Invitations will still only be sent if a player has previously completed a raid at a gym where an EX Raid appears, and EX battles are most likely to appear at gyms in parks and sponsored locations (such as Sprint and Starbucks stores in the United States).

Players with a high-level gym badge at a particular gym or with a large number of raid battles completed overall are more likely to receive invitations, and EX Raid battle times will now “take into account popular Raid Battle times at that Gym,” according to the post. If an EX Raid is canceled, players will receive Stardust and Premium Raid Passes as a consolation.

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Save Your Quarters for This New Star Wars Pinball Machine

Stern Pinball Inc.’s Star Wars pinball machine is really, really fast: It’s ramps, loops, and orbits all feed back to the flippers at lightning speed — but if you miss your shot, you’ll probably drain. Speed is a great match for arguably the best licensed pinball theme out there: The original Star Wars trilogy. Here are the 7 coolest features that help give this machine a Star Wars-y feel.

Star Wars is Stern’s second machine ever to include an HD monitor, and this one features clips from the three original films along with custom graphics.

There’s a video game hidden in the pinball machine as well. A video mode on the big screen has you navigating the asteroid field using the flipper buttons to guide the Falcon.

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Coco Review

Both figuratively and literally, Coco is Pixar’s most human film. The movie delivers a compelling story centered around memorable characters that feel alive — even as they’re taking a journey through the Land of the Dead. The animation is top-notch as well, which adds to Coco’s effectiveness in telling its story.

The central conflict in Coco revolves around aspiring musician Miguel (newcomer Anthony Gonzalez) gaining new insights about his family’s history and their relationship to music. Miguel’s hometown has a rich musical history, but his family views music as a curse. Instead of singing songs and playing instruments, Miguel must put all of his energy into the family shoe business, which he despises. Miguel’s search for musical independence away from his family is deeply engaging.

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Super Mario Odyssey Jump-Rope Glitch Discovered

A glitch has been discovered that allows players to get absurdly high scores in Super Mario Odyssey’s jump-rope challenge.

Kotaku reports that a newly discovered glitch has the leaderboard filled with scores all the way up to 99,999. This method has been dubbed the “Talkatoo glitch” as it uses the helpful bird close to the jump-rope challenge to cause the camera to freeze and suspend animations.

To get the glitch to work, players throw Cappy at the bird and talk to him just before Cappy reaches his mark, which eventually leads to Mario frozen in place as the rope moves cleanly around him.

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Xbox Game Pass $1 For Black Friday; Square Enix Porting Old Games To Switch? – GS News Roundup

The Australians are back, and they’re almost well-rested! Thanks to Kallie and Justin for filling in yesterday, but now Jess McDonell and Dan Crowd are here to give you the lowdown on all today’s video game news!

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp Is Out Worldwide

What a nice surprise! The mobile version of Nintendo’s life simulator is finally available worldwide, and a day earlier than we expected it to be! The game launched in Australia last month, and contrary to what the losers in the video say, Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp is a good Animal Crossing game that at least one of us still plays. Find out more about it in today’s episode.

Xbox Game Pass Gets Very, Very Cheap For Black Friday

Did you pick up some kind of Xbox One console recently? If you’re not already deeply entrenched in the Xbox ecosystem, the Xbox Game Pass subscription service is a great way to get instant access to over 100 Xbox One and Xbox 360 games. And, thanks to Black Friday sales, you can get a subscription for one dollar. That’s almost like no money at all! Get the lowdown on some of the new games you can play with the service, as well the details of the deal the video above.

Square-Enix Has Big Plans For Nintendo Switch

During a recent financial results briefing, the Final Fantasy company dropped some interesting tidbits on their future plans for Nintendo’s wildly popular Switch console. Square-Enix’s president mentioned that the Switch made it easy for them to leverage their back catalog, they want to be proactive in creating new IP for it, and much more. Watch the vid for even more info!

What did you think about today’s news? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below, and we’ll see you tomorrow. For more on today’s stories, you can also visit the links below:

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