Avalanche Studios’ Generation Zero Has Cool Combat Tools for Lackluster Enemies

1989 Sweden is suddenly infested with dog-like machines, and save for a few young adults, everyone has gone missing. From what I saw in my E3 2018 hands-off demo, Avalanche Studios’ Generation Zero is an open-world shooter that, despite its beauty and potential for neat ‘80s music and fashion, lacks a compelling foe.

The ultimate goal, it seems, is to figure out what happened to everyone and why the violent robots are running amok. The demo started with two players searching for any information on a countryside village’s missing residents. Along the way to the village, they looked through trunks of cars for weapons and found an equippable mullet then got in a fight with a Runner, a low-level enemy that went down in just a few hits. From there the two players made it to the town and started a mission after finding a distressed message left on an answering machine.

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