New Call Of Duty: WW2 Map And Multiplayer Mode Revealed

Call of Duty: WWII’s release date isn’t far away, and developer Sledgehammer Games is ramping up the reveals of new content. The company has now unveiled a new multiplayer map and mode you’ll be able to play come November 3.

The new mode is called Gridiron, and it’s inspired by Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare’s Uplink mode. This time, however, you’ll be carrying and throwing an old leather football to suit WWII’s 1940s setting.

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Gridiron will be playable on a new map set in wartime London. Although the map’s name was not revealed, a recent leak stemming from Call of Duty: WWII’s PC beta apparently stated the arena will be called London Docks. You can check out the newly revealed content in the images above (via CharlieIntel).

Another map was revealed just last week: Carentan, which first appeared in the original Call of Duty, is being remade for WWII, but it’s exclusive to season pass holders. For more on the upcoming shooter, check out our in-depth feature exploring the real-life inspirations behind Call of Duty: WWII.

The game launches for PS4, Xbox One, and PC on November 3. We don’t yet know what will follow it, but one analyst has already predicted Black Ops 4 will come out in 2018.

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How South Park Made Its Brand of Production Hell Work for The Fractured But Whole

Last-minute deadlines have never stopped South Park creators Matt Stone and Trey Parker from getting things done, even when their own bodies won’t cooperate.

TV show executive producer Frank C. Agnone II told me the story of being nearly finished with The Fractured but Whole, the sequel to 2014’s outstanding South Park RPG The Stick of Truth, but the TV team’s usual last-second process left Parker with 10,000 lines of dialogue to record just one week ahead of a big deadline. As if that wasn’t a tall enough task on its own, Parker then got very sick and ended up having emergency surgery to remove his gallbladder. Following the operation, Parker somehow convinced his doctor to let him temporarily leave the hospital to go get the dialogue laid down, and on the way back to the hospital, an exhausted Parker said to Agnone, “I just want this game to be sweet.”

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Yoshi Was Originally Going to be a Horse

Mario’s reptile mount Yoshi was initially supposed to be a horse.

The dinosaur’s origins were revealed in an interview with the developers of Super Mario World and Super Mario World 2: Yoshi’s Island.

The interview was conducted as part of the Nintendo Classic Mini: SNES developer series, looking behind the scenes at some of the classic titles available on the retro console.

Super Mario World director Takashi Tezuka disclosed the details surrounding his creation. “Shigeru Miyamoto said he wanted Mario to ride a horse! When we were making Super Mario Bros. 3, he had drawn a picture of Mario on a horse and hung it on a wall near where he used to sit. I would look at that and think, “I think he wants Mario to ride something.

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John Carpenter Says He’s Dedicating His Life To Destiny 2

John Carpenter, the renowned film director behind Halloween, Escape From New York, and The Thing, is really into Destiny 2, apparently. A new interview with The Guardian opened with the interviewer asking Carpenter what’s new. He immediately went to Destiny 2.

“I’ve been playing the video game Destiny 2. It’s a sci-fi game. It’s fun,” Carpenter said when asked what’s he’s been up to lately. The director went on to say that he finds Destiny 2 to be a difficult game, which is the reason why he “dedicated [his] life” to learning the game’s ins and outs.

“Oh, it is hard. That’s why I’ve dedicated my life to learning how to play it. At my age why not? It keeps me out of trouble,” Carpenter said.

This isn’t the first time Carpenter, 69, has spoken about video games. In 2013, the director said he would be interested in making a Dead Space movie. Also at the time, he said he “stupidly” bought a copy of the disappointing Aliens: Colonial Marines.

You can read the full interview here at The Guardian.

In other news about Destiny 2, the game’s first Iron Banner event is now live. You can learn a lot more about it here in GameSpot’s in-depth coverage.

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