Star Wars Congratulates Avengers On Breaking Its Box Office Record

Incredibly, Avengers: Infinity War made more than $640 million worldwide during its opening weekend, beating the previous record held by Star Wars: The Force Awakens. It is a remarkable achievement, and one that Star Wars studio Lucasfilm is celebrating today.

Lucasfilm president Kathleen Kennedy congratulated sister studio Marvel on the achievement with a nice note that includes a picture of Rey passing her lightsaber to Iron Man. “From a galaxy far, far, away… to Earth’s mightiest heroes, congratulations on the biggest opening weekend in history,” Kennedy said.

Marvel boss Kevin Feige also commented on Infinity War’s incredible box office milestone. In his own tweet, he sent a nice message to fans thanking them for their support. He wrote, “To the greatest fans, the past ten years have been an unforgettable ride and we couldn’t have done it without the entire team at Marvel Studios, our incredible talent in front of and behind the camera, the visionary comic book creators, but most importantly you.”

He added: “Thank you for embracing these characters and stories since we kicked off the MCU ten years ago. This past weekend was a result beyond our wildest dreams. On behalf of everyone here at Marvel Studios, we thank you for being the best fans in the universe and making Avengers: Infinity War the biggest opening weekend of all time.”

Disney owns Star Wars and Marvel, so that just gives you an idea for how massive the House of Mouse is in terms of box office performance.

The MCU kicked off in 2008 with Iron Man. Infinity War is the 19th MCU film, and collectively they have made $15.4 billion at the box office. The untitled fourth Avengers movie comes to theatres in May 2019, but you won’t have to wait that long to see new MCU films. Ant-Man and the Wasp is due in July, with Captain Marvel to follow in March 2019.

GameSpot’s Infinity War review said, “Marvel has accomplished something truly incredible here, although at this point it’s no more than the absurdly high-quality bar Marvel fans have come to expect. It’s been a long road getting here, but it was worth it.”

Mel Gibson’s Next Directing Effort Revealed, Courted for Role in Six Billion Dollar Man

Mel Gibson is preparing his next projects both behind and in front of the camera.

Gibson’s next directorial feature will be Destroyer, which tells the real-life story of the USS Laffey, which defended itself against 22 kamikaze attacks during World War II. The film is based on the nonfiction book by John Wukovits, Hell From the Heavens: The Epic Story of the USS Laffey and World War II’s Greatest Kamikaze Attack. The screenplay was written by Rosalind Ross, Gibson’s girlfriend.

Gibson’s last directing effort, Hacksaw Ridge, also told a story about WWII. Gibson received an Oscar nomination for best director for the film.

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Infinity War: 5 Theories About Avengers 4

Spoilers follow for Avengers: Infinity War.

And just like that — snap! — as Avengers: Infinity War comes to an end, half the population of the universe is dead. Or turned to ash or dust or whatever you want to call it. And that includes half of the heroes of the Marvel Cinematic Universe! Man, they even took out Spidey…

Which of course means that fans will be speculating for the next year about what it all means, and how the Avengers and their friends can possibly undo the damage that Thanos has wrought. Of course, we have a few theories of our own on where Avengers 4 could lead, so read on for them all…

Throughout Infinity War, Doctor Strange insists that if it comes down to it, he’ll let Iron Man and Spider-Man — and anyone else, for that matter — die in order to protect the Time Stone. And yet, in the end, Strange gives Thanos the thing as a trade for Tony Stark’s life. So what gives? Well, don’t forget that Strange used the Stone to see some 14 million possible futures, all of which Thanos won in… except for one. You gotta figure that the good doctor is using that knowledge to manipulate the events of the present to get to that endpoint. Presumably, that means that Thanos had to win, half the universe had to die — including Strange himself — and Tony had to live in order to get to a point where the good guys can ultimately prevail. That, presumably, is also known as Avengers 4.

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