Watch New Star Wars: The Last Jedi Trailer, “Tempt”

While it’s only been about a week since the last new trailer dropped for Star Wars: The Last Jedi–and that came after a pair of new trailers at the end of October, Lucasfilm has put out yet another new trailer today. Titled “Tempt,” this trailer shows off quite a bit of footage audiences have seen before as well as a new bit at the end. At least that’s what a colleague in the office told me.

In an active attempt to avoid spoiling myself for the upcoming movie, I haven’t watched any of these trailers. I’m trying to avoid the video embedded above this story as well. But I know that some people like to watch these trailers; that’s fine, I’m not judging you. I’ll probably go back and watch all of the trailers too. After I’ve seen the movies. Yes, I understand that’s weird.

Facts around the movie that I have not avoided include: its release date (December 15), the fact that it’s directed by Rian Johnson, and that it stars Daisy Ridley, John Boyega, Mark Hamill, Adam Driver, Carrie Fisher, Oscar Isaac, Domhnall Gleeson, Anthony Daniels, and Andy Serkis. The movie is expected to have a huge opening weekend at the box office with early projections putting it over $215 million just in the US in its first three days. I’m probably part of the problem there; I’ve already bought tickets for three showings.

And in other Star Wars news, it was revealed recently that Johnson will write and direct a new Star Wars trilogy, but they won’t event start production until the current trilogy ends in 2019.

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Square Enix CEO Talks Nintendo Switch

Square Enix’s president, Yosuke Matsuda, has commented further on the Final Fantasy publisher’s efforts for Nintendo Switch and creating new IP, among other things. As part of the company’s latest earnings report, Matsuda said the Switch has been “rapid uptake,” which the company is of course excited about.

Matsuda added that Square Enix wants to be proactive when it comes to supporting the hybrid system. “We intend to be proactive in our development efforts given that it’s a platform that is well suited to the mid-sized titles at which we excel,” the executive said (via Gematsu).

Also in the presentation, Matsuda said Square Enix is looking at the Switch as a potential place to bring new IP and reboots of older titles.

“We base our development resource allocations on the unique attributes of each platform,” Matsuda said. “In particular, Nintendo Switch makes it easier for us to leverage our back catalog of assets and expertise, so we want to be proactive in creating new IP and rebooting past titles for that platform.”

Indeed, the Switch has been selling well since it launched in March. It has sold 7.63 million units as of the end of September. It’s been flying off the shelves at GameStop, which just today reported that Switch sales helped the retailer to a strong quarter.

What kind of support would you like to see Square Enix give to the Switch? Let us know in the comments below!

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Darkest Hour Review

There are only three constants in this topsy-turvy world of ours: death, taxes and World War II movies. There’s not a whole lot we can do about death, and taxes will probably be a point of contention until the day the sun explodes. But there’s no particular reason to complain about World War II movies, at least if they’re as good as the riveting, albeit one-sided Darkest Hour.

Darkest Hour tells the story of Winston Churchill, the Prime Minster of the United Kingdom during World War II, a celebrated orator and an outsized personality. The film kicks off the day before he’s appointed Prime Minister and only gets as far as the evacuation of Dunkirk, approximately one month later.

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