Star Trek Family, Stars Unveil Statue of Late Anton Yelchin

A bronze statue of the late Anton Yelchin was recently unveiled, honoring the actor’s life and career.

According the The Hollywood Reporter, the statue was revealed during a service for Yelchin, which was attended by some of his Star Trek collaborators, including Simon Pegg, Zoe Saldana, and J.J. Abrams.

Director Joe Dante, who helmed the Yelchin-led horror comedy Burying the Ex, shared the following photo of the statue on Twitter:

DLuBM98VAAAk7EC Photo courtesy of Joe Dante on Twitter

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Indy 5: How John Rhys-Davies Envisions Sallah’s Return

John-Rhys-Davies has revealed he would love to return as excavator Sallah in Indiana Jones 5.

Speaking to Yahoo Movies at the BAFTA Cymru Awards, Rhys-Davies pondered Sallah’s life beyond The Last Crusade. “I like to think that he would have been somebody like Khaled al-Asaad – that marvelous 80-year-old man who was defending his museum in Palmyra and who hid its major treasures and refused to give them over to ISIS and was beheaded in the town square,” he said.

Rhys-Davies is referring to Syrian archaeologist Khaled al-Assad, who tragically died defending the ancient city of Palmyra in 2015. He believes the “best digger in Egypt” would have shared some qualities with the late scholar.

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The 15 Biggest Stories You Missed from NYCC

It’s not October with out New York Comic Con at NYC’s Javits Center, and this year some big news broke out of the fall convention that has major repercussions for pop culture.

In case you missed some of the biggest headlines, we rounded up the 15 most important stories out of New York Comic Con to help you stay up-to-date with all the news that’s fit to print. From the multiple Marvel controversies that made headlines to the Watchmen character back from the dead to a massive Walking Dead crossover in the works, here’s what you might have missed from NYCC:

That’s not all of IGN’s New York Comic Con coverage. We got a first look at several notable new TV series, including a Marvel’s Runaways pilot review and Future Man pilot review. We also reviewed the early premiere of Ash vs Evil Dead: Season 3, and offered our impressions of Black Mirror’s Season 4 Christmas episode.

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Stardew Valley Creator Discusses Next Game

In a Reddit AMA, Eric Barone, creator of Stardew Valley, discussed his thoughts on his next project and how he’s learned from Stardew’s development.

Although he confirmed that he had plans for his next game in the AMA, Barone was initially hesitant to discuss future projects because “creating hype too far in advance is a lot of pressure, and ultimately I don’t think it benefits anyone. I prefer to work in an isolated bubble.”

But Barone said he is approaching the next project “with a similar mindset to Stardew Valley — take a style of game that was never fully realized (or that changed trajectories, leaving unexplored possibilities), and carry on the tradition in my own weird way. ”

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New Overwatch Skins Leak; Star Wars Battlefront 2 Beta Extended – GS News

GameSpot News with Jess McDonell and Dan Crowd brings you the day’s need-to-know news in handy video format for those of you who really hate reading. If that’s you, watch out! Because below is a written outline on the big stories covered in today’s episode. Quick! Move your eyeballs to the video above!

Star Wars Battlefront 2 Beta Extended On PS4, Xbox One, And PC

The open beta for Star Wars Battlefront 2 was supposed to wrap up today, but surprise! EA have announced that they’re extending it, just like almost every other open beta in recent memory. This allows everyone who owns a gaming device to have a shot at being a disposable foot soldier in a galactic conflict which is thousands of times bigger than your puny existence.

SNES Classic Hacked To Play More Games

It happened with the NES Mini, so we’re not shocked to hear that the SNES Mini has also been hacked not even a month after its release. By connecting your nostalgia device to a PC, you can load up a program called HackChi which lets you move your own SNES ROM files onto the device. It even lets you add additional quality-of-life hardware improvements!

New Overwatch Halloween Terror 2017 Skins Leak

Rounding off today’s selection of unsurprising surprises, a bunch of character skins from Overwatch’s upcoming Halloween event have leaked. They include a bunch of very cool new outfits for Zenyatta, Mei, and Symmetra, to add on top of the ones already revealed for Reaper and McCree. Still, we have our fingers crossed for a good Zarya skin, which we will definitely not get.

GameSpot News returns tomorrow with another roundup of the day’s important stories, so we’ll see you tomorrow!

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Justice League’s New Trailer: Darkseid, Hints, and Other Hidden Details

New York Comic-Con gave us a few exciting gifts, perhaps most notably a brand-new trailer for Justice League, November’s upcoming DC team-up flick that was telegraphed in Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice. We went frame-by-frame and picked out all of the hints, secrets, and other hidden details we could find.

0:17 – We open with Amy Adams’ Lois Lane in Smallville on the Kent farm, looking out at Henry Cavill’s Clark in a corn field. He’s back! Maybe…

0:39 – The engagement ring Clark is referring to calls back to the Batman vs Superman scene in Clark’s childhood bedroom.

0:42 – Here we flashback to Superman’s burial at the end of Batman vs Superman.

0:48 – But alas. It was all just a dream. Superman’s still dead, at least for now.

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How Lessons From the Wii U Affected the Nintendo Switch

Nintendo has discussed lessons learned from the Wii U and how these lessons were applied in order to make the Nintendo Switch as successful as it has been since its launch.

Nintendo of America senior product marketing manager Bill Trinen told Business Insider the ease of simply jumping into the Switch experience has been a huge step up from the Wii U.

“If you look at the Wii U hardware system, just the system menu itself — the time that it took to boot that system up, to get into gameplay — was something that was a frustration for a lot of players early on, and actually became a hindrance,” Trinen said.

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