Anthem Will Not have PvP at Launch, Will Require Online Connection

Anthem will not have a player-vs-player mode at launch and will require an online connection to play, executive producer Mark Darrah confirmed on Twitter Saturday.

After EA debuted new gameplay footage of Anthem at its EA Play event, Darrah took to Twitter to answer fan questions.

“You need to be online to play,” Darrah answered to a Twitter user. When asked if Anthem would feature PvP modes, Darrah responded “no PvP at launch.”

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Jamie Lee Curtis Is “Prepared” for Michael Myers

“How f**king crazy is this?” Jamie Lee Curtis asks us, fully decked out in her Laurie Strode costume and hairstyle, even though she says she’s not even filming anything today. It’s one of the many signs that the production of the new Halloween must be going relatively well. Certainly everyone seems happy to be there.

Jamie Lee Curtis immediately jumps into a story about going in for ballistic training, surprising the local proprietor, and helping him get his merch signed. And when he asked her to shoot a bullet through the cover of his vinyl soundtrack to the original film, you better believe she did it. (And it was her first shot on a bolt action rifle, too.)

But the life of Laurie Strode, her character in the Halloween franchise, isn’t nearly as cheerful. Despite appearing in four of the original Halloween sequels, David Gordon Green’s new film completely rewrites the history of Laurie, and the whole Halloween series. Now, only the first film happened, leaving Laurie – the teenaged survivor of the 1978 Halloween night massacre, perpetrated by the masked killer Michael Myers – in a state of deep, deep trauma which has followed her throughout her entire life.

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