PS4 Weekly News Roundup: Detroit: Become Human Dated, Yakuza 6 Demo Pulled, And Witcher 3’s HDR Patch Is Coming Soon

This week’s PS4 news is all about the exclusives. A forthcoming title has been dated, and we might just see several other titles find theirs soon.

David Cage’s latest title, Detroit: Become Human, has an official release date. Yakuza 6‘s recent delay was met with a demo, but that demo was pulled fairly quickly as the full game was accessible within it. PS4 exclusive EX Layer finally has a release window, and we got to see a new character this week. CDProjekt Red says that Witcher 3‘s HDR update on PS4 is still coming, but not just yet. Horizon Zero Dawn broke sales records this week with a whopping 7.6 million copies sold. And in response to the loot box controversy, ESRB has announced it will now be labeling all video games that contain some sort of microtransaction with “in-game purchases.”

Forthcoming Releases

PS4’s Detroit: Become Human Release Date Confirmed

New Far Cry 5 Gameplay Contains A Killer Bear Named Cheeseburger And What Even Are Video Games Anymore

We Test The Limits Of Far Cry 5’s Co-Op Multiplayer

New Battlefield Is Set In World War 2, Has Loot Boxes, Coming This Year – Reports

PS4, Xbox One, And PC Getting Multiplayer Shooter Defiance

Injustice 2 Legendary Edition Announced For PS4, Xbox One, PC

EA’s Co-Op Prison Escape Game A Way Out Crosses A Big Milestone

PS4 Demo For Yakuza 6 Pulled Because The Full Game Is Playable

PS4 Game Fighting EX Layer Release Window, New Character Announced

Out Now

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Kingdom Come And Why First Impressions Matter

Updates and DLC

Another Fortnite Update Released, Here’s What It Does (Not Much)

Dragon Ball FighterZ Patch Notes Include Bug Fixes And More

Free Stuff Available In Metal Gear Survive, As Dev Apologizes For Issues

WWE Tie-In Items Announced For Rocket League

Witcher 3’s HDR Patch For PS4 Pro Is Still Coming

Betas and Events

Monster Hunter World’s Second Horizon Zero Dawn Quest Available Now For A Limited Time

Monster Hunter World’s New Event Quest Adds A Really Weird Helmet

Fortnite: Battle Royale’s Latest Limited-Time Mode, Solid Gold, Happening Now On PS4, Xbox One, And PC

Another Beta Announced For 8-Player Naruto Fighting Game Following Widespread Server Issues


PS4 Sale: Tons Of PSN Game Deals From Now Until Mar. 6

PlayStation Network

You Can Now Get $15 PSN Credit When You Spend $100 For A Limited Time

Free PS4 PS Plus Games For March 2018 Revealed


The Division Passes 20 Million Players Across PS4, Xbox One, And PC

Crytek Founder Steps Down As CEO Following Early Access Launch Of Hunt: Showdown

Amid Loot Box Controversy, ESRB Will Label Games With “In-Game Purchases”

Tony Hawk Says He’s No Longer Working With Activision On His Iconic Skateboard Series

Horizon Zero Dawn Sells 7.6 Million Copies, Setting New PS4 Record

Switch Weekly News Roundup: Switch Turns One and And Disappearing User Reviews

It’s been just over a year since the Nintendo Switch launched around the world, and quite a lot has changed for both Nintendo’s future and the state of the system. This week’s news doesn’t quite do that drastic change too much justice, but it does have several highlights you won’t want to miss.

Speaking of anniversaries, the Switch and its flagship title Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild have quite a lot to celebrate. Of course, we had to take the time to reflect our favorite things about the game a year later, the system’s first year, and which Wii U titles we think deserve one more chance before you make the jump to Switch forever. Thankfully, the Switch isn’t stuck in 2017, and the future has so much more to bring with confirmed releases for Happy Birthdays and Peter Molyneux’s latest title The Trail: Frontier Challenge. As far as Diablo goes, this week’s tease proved to be false.

Forthcoming Releases

It Looks Like Blizzard Is Teasing Diablo For Nintendo Switch [UPDATE]

Nintendo Switch Version Of Dinosaur Gardening Game Happy Birthdays Dated

Nintendo Switch Version Of Fable Creator’s Adventure Game Coming Soon

Limited-Edition Zelda: Breath Of The Wild Complete Soundtrack Releasing This April In Japan

Updates and DLC

Two Batmobiles Coming To Rocket League Next Week


Nintendo Switch Adds 20 New Games, Xenoblade Chronicles 2 DLC This Week

Nintendo Launches User Reviews, But Removes Them Right Away And Doesn’t Explain Why


Nintendo Switch Is Resetting Play Times After One Year [UPDATE 2]

Nintendo Switch’s One Year Anniversary Marks A Successful Launch With A Few Key Hiccups

Nintendo Switch One Year Later: 5 Wii U Games That Deserve A Second Chance

60 Things We Still Love About Zelda: Breath Of The Wild

Box Office: Black Panther Passes $500 Million

Black Panther held strong in first place for its third consecutive weekend at the domestic box office, earning an estimated $65.7 million.

In addition to having the third highest-grossing third weekend ever—behind Star Wars: The Force Awakens ($90.2 million) and Avatar ($68.5 million)—Black Panther is the third movie in the Marvel Cinematic Universe to retain its first place spot at the box office for three weekends in a row. The Avengers and Captain America: The Winter Soldier are the only two other MCU films to do the same.

The current domestic total for Black Panther stands at $501.1 million, making it the 10th highest-grossing film of all time, unadjusted for inflation. It’s also now the second highest-grossing MCU movie domestically, only behind The Avengers ($623.4 million).

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How to Stream the 2018 Oscars

The 90th Academy Awards will take place on March 4th, 2018 at Hollywood’s Dolby Theater. Christopher Nolan’s Dunkirk and Jordan Peele’s Get Out are just some of the exciting nominees for best picture this year, which should make for an entertaining evening with Jimmy Kimmel acting as host. (You can find our full list of nominations right here, and here’s how you can do a last minute cram-session and watch the Oscar nominees online.)

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7 Nintendo Switch Games You Probably Missed and Need to Play

As the Nintendo Switch leaps into its second year on the market, let’s take a look back at seven of the best games that you probably missed and need to play.

Okay, let’s face it. Nobody asked for this. But there’s no going back now because the Rabbids have officially invaded the Mushroom Kingdom. However, this isn’t your typical Mario game. At its core, Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle is a tactics-based RPG with a surprisingly deep and challenging turn-based combat system. It’s a unique and stylish game that brings a new twist to the mushroom kingdom. Whether you’re a veteran of the genre or a complete newcomer to strategy and tactics based games, there’s a lot of fun to be had within the world of Kingdom Battle. Check out review.

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New Xbox One Controller Release Sports Combat Tech Style

A brand-new Xbox One controller is joining the fray this month. Make sure to take off your hats and give a good salute to the latest military inspired controller, the Combat Tech, coming March 27.

Revealed on Major Nelson’s blog, this new addition to the Xbox One controller family is part of the tech series inspired by military technology and vehicles. The Combat Tech controller comes in the same military green color that’s offered in the Design Lab, with bright orange accents and a military insignia on the front. Like the Recon and Patrol Tech controllers that came before it, it features the same textured laser-etched grip on the front and rubberized grips on the back.

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As with all of Xbox One’s latest controllers, this one is wireless and has a 3.5mm headphone jack. It also has Bluetooth so it can be used with Windows 10 PCs and the Samsung Gear VR. Custom button mapping is also available through the Xbox Accessories app on Xbox One.

The Combat Tech controller will retail for $70 on the Microsoft store and other select retailers starting March 27. In select regions, purchase of this controller will also come with a 14-day trial of both Xbox Live Gold and Xbox Games Pass.