The Flash: Danny Trejo Couldn’t Stop Laughing While Playing His Grizzled Bounty Hunter

Tonight’s episode of The Flash, “Elongated Journey Into Night,” introduces a new character named Breacher played by action star Danny Trejo. Trejo is known for using his cold stares and gravelly voice to play tough, intimidating characters, and while Breacher is certainly in that vein, calling for a dead-serious performance, Trejo couldn’t keep it together during filming.

“I love comedy. Being fierce ain’t that hard, you just show up. I like the way they put both menacing and funny together. The whole thing would sometimes just crack me up,” Trejo said at a press event to screen and talk about the episode.

On top of being one of the most feared and ruthless bounty hunters across the Multiverse, Breacher is Gypsy’s father, so you won’t be surprised to hear he’s not happy to find her in Cisco’s arms when he comes for a visit. It’s not long before he tells Cisco he’s going to hunt him like one of his bounties, and unceremoniously begins a countdown from 10. To say Breacher is extreme is an understatement, with the way he switches in the blink of an eye from showing affection for his daughter to murderous disdain for Cisco. Trejo said they had to keep redoing scenes because he kept laughing at his lines where he had to make ridiculous threats on Cisco’s life while keeping a straight face.

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