Marvel’s Avengers E3 Gameplay Demo Looks Like You’re Playing the Movie

Square Enix showed off Marvel’s Avengers on its E3 2019 stage, but the footage only offered a brief glimpse of actual gameplay. IGN attended a behind-closed-doors extended gameplay demo where we got a much better look via 25 minutes of honest-to-goodness Marvel’s Avengers gameplay.

The demo started in the same way as the E3 footage: with an attack on the Golden Gate Bridge during the A-Day celebration. While we weren’t told if this was the opening of the game, we can assume it’s the beginning, or at least early on. It felt very much like a tutorial area as a little time was spent controlling each hero. Gameplay automatically switched from one Avenger to the next as the events of the story dictated. Here’s a description of what it’s like to play as each Avenger.

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