5 Streaming Shows You Should Watch (But Probably Missed in February)

We are in the middle of a streaming frenzy with Netflix alone releasing 700 original series in 2018 and let’s not forget, other streaming platforms like Hulu and Amazon are offering up their own unique lineups. With all of this exciting new content, some shows are inevitably going to be overlooked. Here are 5 streaming shows you might have missed in February.

Let’s start with Netflix’s Tamborine, Chris Rock’s first comedy special in ten years. The hour-long set is a brutal self-examination of Rock’s struggles as a parent and husband, touching on his divorce and what it was like to fight for custody of his daughters with unflinching honesty. He also touches on topical issues like gun control, police brutality, and race. If that sounds too depressing for you, fear not, even when Chris Rock is being serious, he can still make you laugh.

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