Ubisoft Says Avatar Project Unaffected By New Star Wars Open-World Game

The Division developer Ubisoft Massive is making a Star Wars game with Lucasfilm Games that aims to be a “story-driven” title that leverages the studio’s history and experience. While the developer is keeping quiet about what the game will actually be, a pair of higher-ups at the studio have now discussed the project and confirmed that the work being done on this game will happen in conjunction with the ongoing development of its Avatar game coming in 2022.

Massive managing director David Polfeldt said in an interview with Ubisoft that the studio is big enough these days to accomodate multiple AAA projects, so fans eagerly awaiting the Avatar game for 2022 need not worry.

“We have been preparing the studio for a long time to handle all our projects with equal attention and love,” he said. “Since all our teams work on the Snowdrop engine, all projects benefit from each other’s progress and successes. And obviously, with such an amazing collection of triple-A projects under one roof, we are continuously recruiting, and we’re currently looking for experienced developers from all over the world to join us on our future adventures.”

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