Among Us Role-Play Is All About Bad Acting

Ludwig Ahren and Jeremy Wang were bodyguards. They were sticking to their boss like glue, making sure nothing slipped past them. The Polus Outpost is a dangerous place and you never know what to expect from the lava-lined planet.

“The Don’s on the move, headed south right now,” Ahren said as they left an emergency meeting. His boss was out of sight seconds later. He scrambled to find her. “Oh…uh…we got a bit of an emergency here.”

He and Wang, better known by his Twitch handle DisguisedToast, searched far and wide for the missing Don; checking communications, O2, the office, and other buildings in the outpost. They had no luck. “Where’s the Don!?” Ahren screamed as he cycled through camera feeds of the outpost. “Just give me some sign of life.”

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