Smite Adds Cthulu To Its Roster In June With The Great Dreamer Update 7.5

Hot on the heels of Hi-Rez Studios’ announcement regarding the latest Smite Final Boss Battle Pass is news that Cthulu will be officially announced as the MOBA’s next god. Smite will be showing off their next big update, called The Great Dreamer, as part of a streamed show on May 26 at 3PM ET. The stream will give fans a better idea of what’s to come.

The Great Dreamer update show will debut on Smite’s official Twitch channel, offering players a chance to catch their very first glimpse of Cthulu in action. Cthulu will be the first god in the Old Ones pantheon added to Smite, and others could be introduced over time.

The fact that the pantheon is called the Great Old Ones likely signals that there will be more Lovecraftian horrors to look forward to in the future. Cthulu is going to be available for players to access from early June, which will give those who haven’t quite familiarised themselves with the Smite battleground a chance to git gud.

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