New To Funimation In April 2020: One Piece, Fruits Basket, And More Anime

If you’re in need of some high-quality, epic storytelling, then you may want to dive further into the world of Anime. Funimation may have exactly what you’re looking for in the upcoming month. Check out everything arriving to the streaming service for April below.

Since there is plenty of time to watch whatever you want, why not dive head-first into One Piece? New episodes of the pirate-themed adventure arrive this month, and you only have to get through around 900 episodes to catch up! That’s roughly 360 hours of content, which is 15 full days of adventures!

Funimation recently grabbed exclusive rights to Kaguya-sama: Love Is War Season 2 and The Millionaire Detective – Balance: UNLIMITED, arriving April 11 and April 9 respectively. Kaguya-sama is a romantic comedy series about two peers who try to find a way to go on a date with each other without asking themselves.

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