Steam Has Two Amazing Bundles Full Of Great Games Right Now

PC game bundles are a great way to get a collection of awesome games in one nice and easy package. Most bundles usually come from sites like Humble Bundle, but this week, Steam has two of the best collections we’ve seen in quite some time. The Polish Spring Festival and Dark Cult bundles collect some excellent games from recent years, which span genres from strategy and survival to action and horror, and if you’re looking for some games to keep you occupied while you’re stuck inside, it doesn’t get much better than this.

The Polish Spring Festival bundle is $60.32, down from $109.95, and contains nine Polish-developed games, many of which have received great reviews from GameSpot. Frostpunk, This War of Mine, Darkwood, Superhot, Get Even, and Observer were all praised in GameSpot’s reviews of said games, while Wanderlust Travel Stories, My Memory of Us, and We. The Revolution all boast positive user ratings on Steam. If you already own any of these games, then the price of the bundle decreases.

The Dark Cult bundle, on the other hand, contains games that involve–you guessed it–dark cults, some of which were reviewed positively in our reviews. Many of the games also involve survival-horror themes. The games you get are Blasphemous, Darkest Dungeon, Outlast 2, The Shrouded Isle, and The Church in the Darkness. The Dark Cult bundle is $36.29, down from $109.95. Just like the previous bundle, the price decreases if you already own some of these games.

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